VINE: Joel Embiid hates his life after being drafted by the Sixers


It was a long long long long long year for the Sixers, who lost and lost and lost and lost in an attempt to tank their way to the #1 pick. And then they managed to lose at getting the worst record and lose in the lottery. All they do is lose.

Going into the draft we had the Sixers needing a new bench under their team needs to make Nerlens Noel comfortable (Team needs for all 30 teams:, and they didn’t draft a bench.

But they did draft him a teammate in Joel Embiid to join him on the bench for the season to discuss how long they need to fake these injuries before the Sixers cut them.

And Embiid wasn’t too happy about it:

(Vine via @LostLettermen)

Embiid: “Well, I guess suicide is an option.”

Joel looked like his dog died, or his mother got shot, or that he got robbed. He’d probably prefer all 3 to being drafted by the Sixers.

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