VINE: Joey Crawford ices Kevin Durant shooting free throws


In Game 5 between the Grizzlies and Thunder, we were re-introduced to a very familiar old face: “Hi I’m Joey Crawford. You may remember me from such films as my 2011-12 MVP run that LeBron got credit for and my 2012-13 MVP run that LeBron got credit for, that bit…assho…mean guy. I’m here to take over. If you’ll excuse me.”

Late in the game there was a close call out of bounds and Joey was slightly confused:

He gets confused when he’s not working for his team.

But then Joey got it together to make the play of the game:

We’re not kidding. See for yourself:

(Vine via @NBASlander)


Durant got a second chance at a free throw after being shutdown by Joey, which he naturally missed after being rattled by such hardcore defense, much in the way Steph Curry missed practically everything he took after Crawford shut him down against the Clippers (

And after that, no one scored. So the final score was:

#Clutch #MVP

He’s already gotten a much deserved appearance on the cover of NBA2K:

One more clutch win like that and that MVP will be all his, just like it is every year.

At least that’s what Joey thinks.


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