VINE: Joey Crawford takes a shot at covering Steph Curry himself


If someone asked you to “name an NBA ref”, in an ideal world you’d say “I don’t know, some old white guy that doesn’t actually understand basketball but gets paid to officiate” and not actually know any of their names (although that description still works).

Unfortunately, there’s one name no one is ever going to forget: Joey Crawford. As we’ve been alluding to in the past ( there’s been trouble in paradise with Joey Crawford and LeBron. David Stern leaving the love triangle has caused some friction.

So Joey’s been working in the West, which means he’s gotta prepare to shutdown all kinds of talent for whoever’s roster he ends up with.

In Warriors/Clippers Game 4, nobody could stop Steph Curry, so Joey decided to take a shot himself:

(Vine via @netw3rk)

That’s some lockdown D.

After this, Steph slowed down for the rest of the game so it looks like Joey’s still got it. Will he seek revenge on his ex-lover LeBron? The world outside of Miami and ESPN certainly hopes so. Stay tuned.

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