VINE: Johnny Manziel finds out he was caught flipping the bird


Johnny Manziel telling the Redskins they’re number one was the subject of a lot of discussion, mostly because no one ever tells the Redskins they’re number one. Not even Redskins fans.

There have been a variety of descriptions of Johnny telling the Redskins the bird is the word, but one takes the cake over the rest.

And it was sent by the NFL itself as the headline of an e-mail:


Well, somehow unaware that cameras were rolling on a game being televised on national television on a network that obsesses over him like a crazy ex, Manziel didn’t find out until later that he was caught on tape dropping a bird bomb.

And he had quite a reaction when he found out:

(Vine via @NFLRT)

He was probably going to say “oh fudge,” right? Uh…right.

If you missed the hot fingering action (as the NFL would call it), here’s a GIF of it:

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