VINE: Julius Randle doesn’t know what “attainment” means


Kentucky did the easy part, winning a 4th straight NCAA tournament game by fewer than 5 points and making it to the national championship game thanks in large part to Aaron Harrison who truly showed he means business.

Amazing he hasn’t held out for more money. Or maybe he has, since you probably wouldn’t want to make an under-the-table holdout public. But it’s not like Kentucky players are that bright, they didn’t come to play school.

This was on full display during the hard part for Kentucky: talking to the media. A media member asked Julius Randle if he felt any sense of “attainment” for what they’d accomplished to this  point.

This was Randle’s answer:

(Vine via @SCTopPlays)

So his answer was no answer, which is probably what many of their tests look like.

To be fair, there’s about a hundred other words the reporter could’ve used besides attainment, not really sure why he went for that. Plus he’s probably not the only one that doesn’t know what it means, so here’s the real definition:

Attainment: the action or fact of achieving a goal toward which one has worked. Example: Julius Randle felt a sense of attainment after negotiating a 1 year, $5,000,000 under-the-table deal with Kentucky, knowing he wouldn’t need school anymore.

See? Now you’ve learned something today, which is certainly more than the players at Kentucky can say.


  1. Roger Guenther


    Yes! I freaking love this.

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