VINE: Julius Thomas scores on Jets, says “It’s so f-ing easy!!”


When the Broncos play the Jets, it’s understandably going to be #NSFW. And that’s just when the Jets are on offense with Geno Smith. But on Defense, it got just as bad.

After cruising down the field for a TD, Peyton hit Julius Thomas for his eleventy billionth TD of the season (not an exaggeration).

And Julius had his own special way to acknowledge the defensive “effort.”

(Vine via @NFLRT)

What else would you say when you’re playing the Jets?

Julius now even has his own version of the Staples easy button:



The Patriots play the Jets next week, they’ll probably borrow that thing a few dozen times.

You’d think a team that no longer has Mark Sanchez would be better, but remember: it’s the Jets.

If you miss the Mark Sanchez Jets era like we do, check out our #NOTSCTop10 funniest GIFs of his Jets career:

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