VINE: Kemba Walker crosses Nikola Mirotic out of his ankles


It was supposed to be “new year, new me” for the Charlotte Hornets when they ditched the Bobcat name. They signed Lance Stephenson, competed to a playoff spot last year (granted, it’s in the East, you and 4 of your friends could’ve qualified), and it was supposed to be the next step forward this year.

As usual with the “new year, new me,” that lasted about a week. It’s been brutal this year.You can take the Bobcat off the jersey, but you can’t take the Bobcat out of the Bobcats.

But in a game against the Bulls, Kemba Walker redeemed the whole season and put on a move that would give Andre Iguodala’s murderous crossover from last year ( a run for its’ money.

WARNING: If you have small children in the room or near your phone you may want to push them away. What Kemba does to Mirotic is extremely graphic, possibly illegal in 47 states.

See for yourself. We have 3 different looks at it:

(Vine via @crabdribbles)


Here’s another look:

(Vine via @DaneCarbaugh)

Most people can’t fall that far diving on a slip and slide.

Finally, here’s the move set to Mike Tyson’s Punchout:

(Vine via @thrillis4)

As good as this move is, it would’ve been even funnier if the Hornets were still called the Bobcats.

You couldn’t even go out in public after that. Not that Mirotic can walk now, anyway.

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