VINE: Kings and Nuggets combine for the Triple flop


When the Kings and Nuggets get together, nobody’s expecting much in the way of greatness. But perhaps if we weren’t looking for basketball greatness, we’d actually find some.

And on November 3rd, a new basketball term was born. And it’s as wonderful as everyone pretends their friend’s newborn baby is.

Kenneth Faried, DeMarcus Cousins, and Rudy Gay combined for something you’ve probably never seen before: a TRIPLE flop.

At the same time.

(Vine via @GamePhreak845)

It’s…it’s…beautiful.¬†Needs some Opera music to go with it.

LeBron and David West: eat your heart out. Your double flop ( ) has been bested.

Can we pull off a quadruple flop? Perhaps if the entire Clippers team runs into each other? Let’s make it happen, boys.

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