VINE: Kirk Hinrich takes off the goggles and is ready to scrap


Bulls G Kirk Hinrich is an old school type of player, mostly because he looks like an old guy from your office’s accounting department that you might find at a YMCA. He even wears the old school Horace Grant goggles during the game (but he makes sure to hide his inhaler on the bench).

So what happens when an opposing player messes with Hinrich too much? As Wizards G Bradley Beal found out, it gets real.

Very real.

(Vine via @SBNationNBA)

It just got real, son.

Even the refs had to old Hinrich back:


Don’t make Kirk Hinrich angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

He’ll unleash the fury on you, which would probably be a lawyer. Accounting guys don’t fight.

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