VINE: Lakers G Kendall Marshall gets mistaken for a Laker fan


It was a rough year for the Lakers, who tried to do their best impression of the Tankadelphia 76ers after Kobe and Pee Wee Herman Steve Nash went down, and couldn’t even get that right, winning a number of meaningless games late in the season and playing themselves out of the Top 3.

Even though their season’s been over since about December, the struggles continue. The leader of the Laker tank job for most of the season, Kendall Marshall, went into a sub shop wearing some Laker gear.

Nobody had any clue who he was.

(Vine via @KButter5)

Ouch. To be fair, most Laker fans became Heat fans about 5 months ago, so they wouldn’t know the roster anyway.

Plus, it’s going to be hard for a sub guy to recognize you if Kobe doesn’t even recognize you on his own roster and you have to do this:

Hey Kendall: start dating Kim Kardashian…that’ll get you noticed quick. Just ask Kris Humphries.

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