VINE: Lance Stephenson invades the Heat huddle


Lance Stephenson made Game 5 headlines for trying to turn on get in LeBron’s head by blowing in his ear. But that wasn’t the only thing he did. While Paul George was busy scoring all the Pacers’ points (who would you expect to score? Roy Hibbert? HA!), Lance was busy trying to get some inside info from the Heat.

And where does one go to get inside information? Why directly in to the Heat huddle while Erik Spoelstra is talking, of course.

And he wasn’t even subtle about it:

(Vine via @gifdsports)

Lance: “What’s that? Go right at Lance Stephenson? Bring it on!” *Lance immediately flops to the floor*

So to recap, in this series alone, Lance has:

-Died from flopping:

-Blown in LeBron’s ear:

And now invaded the Heat huddle. What’s next? Streaking? Punt the ball into the stands? Who knows. It could be anything. Except play basketball, of course.

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