VINE: Lance Stephenson videobombs Derek Fisher in disbelief


Lance Stephenson dominated the 2014 NBA playoffs for the Pacers. Not with his play or anything like that, but with his blatant trolling of LeBron James that never seemed to end. Nobody wanted it to, but again, they forgot about that whole playing thing and got eliminated.

Now Lance is in Charlotte with the BobHornets, and he’s found yet another way to make a splash. Again, not with his play (if you’re waiting on that, you’ll be waiting a while).

The Hornets played the Knicks and amazingly, the Knicks won the game. And as TV was getting a live shot of Knicks coach Derek Fisher just after the clock ran out, a special guest appeared.

Lance had to appear just to show how much he couldn’t believe it.

(Vine via Becca)

That’s how anyone would feel after losing to the Knicks.

The only thing missing was Lance blowing in Fisher’s ear. (For the funniest Lance blowing memes go here:

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