VINE: Lou Holtz and Farmer Fran speak 0 words of English


If you’ve ever turned Lou Holtz on TV, you’ve seen the warning about the splash zone being within 50 feet of your TV. If you need a transcript of what he says, just mash on your keyboard a few times.

And of course, there’s no stopping Notre Dame:

Welp. Sorry Lou. Just a few thoushand points off there. Almost coherent though, nice job.

If you’ve ever seen Waterboy, you know Farmer Fran sounds a lot like Lou. So what happens when you put them together?

The English language dies a terrible death:

(Vine via @WorldOfIsaac)

Translated into English, Farmer Fran said: “Hahaha you lost…Notre Dame still sucks, eat it Lou” and Holtz said “I’ll punch you right in your fat face you inbred hick just let me take my pills first.”

For more Notre Dame mocking, be sure to check out the Top 10 funniest Gameday signs from the Florida State/Notre Dame game:

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