VINE: Madden 15 glitch sends defender flying through the air


EA Sports is the Tony Romo of video game companies. They often do some things that look really good, and then suddenly they blow it.

Despite working testers 983 hours a week (not an exaggeration), EA’s games often end up with really random issues like Ambulances running over players (which admittedly was actually an improvement).

Madden 15’s been praised as a “fresh start” for a series that previously considered a fresh start painting over the last number on the cover and selling it  as a “new game.” But as usual, things have gotten glitchy.

A Madden 15 player was playing a game between the Rams and Ravens and recorded easily the best pancake block in the history of pancake blocks. He sent a Raven literally flying into the air.

And it wasn’t even an actual pancake block.

(Vine via @SCKnows)

It’s the old “flip the guy over your back so that he lands on the 31 yard line and gets launched 15 yards downfield the moment he hits the ground” block. Classic Madden move.

You know EA Sports’ motto: “If it’s in the game, it’s because we screwed something up. Again.”

If you aren’t familiar with the notorious Madden ambulance, check this out:

(H/T @hemohctane)

The only thing missing is Madden yelling “BOOM!” right as the ambulance runs people over. Maybe in Madden ’16.

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