VINE: Matt Simms busts out his Victor Cruz impression


The Jets and Giants played each other in their regular preseason matchup, and amazingly a QB actually made a good play…for his own team. Seriously. A New York QB doing something well is certainly one sign you know it’s pre-season.

Especially when it’s one for the Jets.

Matt Simms connected on a TD pass to give the Jets the lead and decided to bust out his Victor Cruz salsa dance impression. That’s funny enough, but watch the ref’s reaction.

He uh…wasn’t impressed.

(Vine via @gifdsports)

Got the moves like…well, a white boy.

The QB humor is still there with the Jets after Mark Sanchez, it’s just different now. Less turnovery (not much, but a little).

If you miss the Mark Sanchez Jets era, be sure to check out our #NOTSCTop10 funniest GIFs of Mark Sanchez’ Jets career: Lots of turnovers there.

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