VINE: Miss Texas tries to bowl her first pitch for the Rangers


When you win a beauty pageant you get to tour the state/country, visiting all the places that you personally believe that “U.S. Americans” like to visit. All kinds of personal appearances and product hocking.

For Monique Davis, recent winner of Miss Texas, this was no exception, as she was invited to throw out the first pitch for the AAA AL West’s Texas Rangers. Some would consider that an honor, but only if they haven’t watched the Rangers play this year.

It’s been so bad for the Rangers this year, that it’s even effected people who throw first pitches. Rather than actually THROW the ball, Monique tried a different strategy.

She tried to bowl it.

(Vine via @Nick_Schwartz)

Well she might’ve picked up 4 or 5 pins. Maybe. As long as the bumpers were out. She’d still be able to start for the Rangers though.

This was bad, but does it top 50 cent’s first pitch? (Vine: You be the judge.

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