VINE: Nationals fan wipes under his pit, makes his wife smell it


If you go to a game featuring the Marlins and Nationals, you’ll smell something really bad…the play of both teams wafting in the breeze through the stands. Well, on this day, there was another funky smell.

A large hairy man, possibly Bigfoot, was sitting in the stands watching the game shirtless, likely sweating enough to flood the stands. You know he isn’t going to smell…pleasant. He’s likely a sure bet to make our Top 10 dumbest/funniest MLB fans of the season just from that alone.

But he knew how bad, and decided to share that with his wife, on camera, while Ian Desmond prepared to step in for a 3-2 pitch:

(Vine via @recordsANDRadio)

“Smell that honey?” “Yes it’s the smell of me filing for divorce.”

What do you think? Does BO Bigfoot make the Top 10 dumbest fans? Check it out and decide for yourself:

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