VINE: Nets F Cory Jefferson airballs a three pointer by three feet


If you were walking in downtown Chicago and felt a sudden cool breeze, you might think it was part of December weather. But no. It wasn’t that. Not in this night.

The Bulls took on the Nets with a bunch of random players playing due to injury, and the fact that well…it’s the Nets. At one point in the third quarter Nets rookie F Cory Jefferson spotted up for a wide open three pointer.

And he got the ball with no one around, just like he hoped. Unfortunately, he must’ve forgotten to hold X all the way through his jump because it didn’t quite do what he hoped.

It touched nothing but…air.

(Vine via @ReedWallach)

Swish. At least, that’s what the Nets call a swish.

If you thought that was good, check out Tony Parker’s free throw airball from last season (GIF:, it barely left his hand.

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