VINE: New York Ranger takes a hockey puck to the crotch


Los Angeles — Game two of the Stanley Cup Final just came to a close, and boy was it interesting, in more ways than one. The Kings won despite not leading at any point of the game, winning on a deflected double OT goal. The Rangers were livid because the Kings’ third goal might (or did, if you’re a Rangers fan) have resulted from goalie interference.

And then there’s this little incident. Dan Girardi of the New York Rangers is the unfortunate soul in this Vibe who found himself on the wrong end of a Slava Voynov¬†nutshot slapshot.

(Vine via @SBNationGIF)

Oh dear sweet mercy, that sucked. That was so painful to watch that LeBron James just watched that Vine and ruled himself out for the remainder of his career. Naturally, Girardi just skated it off (like a man) and finished the game. He was on the ice for the Kings’game winning goal, however, so maybe he should have pulled a LeBron and quit taken himself out as a precaution. Doesn’t really matter now. Kings are up 2-0, and Girardi will have an interesting bruise to show his doctor tomorrow.

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