VINE: Old Pirates fan gets lost, ends up in Giants dugout


Postseason is confusing for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Despite being there for the 2nd year in a row now, they’re still not really sure what they’re doing. They’re used to sitting on a couch this time of year.

They forget how to pitch, they forgot what their bats are for, they forgot where they even are.

In the case of this elderly female Pirates fan, she got lost and had a little trouble finding her seats. She didn’t even end up in any seats at all.

She ended up in the Giants dugout.

(Vine via @BarstoolBigCat)

Old woman: “I’m in section 1-0…uh…wait. This isn’t Bingo. Where am I? Is this Country Kitchen Buffet?”

The cop should’ve just shoved her up to bat. The Pirates could’ve used her.

Which Pirates fan is better? Her, or the guy who caught a baseball with his popcorn? (Video:

One thing is for sure: in future playoff games, they should start their fans instead of their players.

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