VINE: Patty Mills shows that the Spurs can outflop the Heat too


The Spurs have completely outclassed the Heat in every element the entire Finals, outside of quality of air conditioning (which they immediately remedied after losing Game 2:

One element they hadn’t beaten anyone in, was flopping. Dwyane Wade had the flop of the series easily (Vine: in Game 2.

He flopped so hard he actually disappeared until Game 5. Now that’s a flop.

But Patty Mills, ironically while covering Wade, threw his hat in the ring in Game 5. Wade shoved him a little.

Mills did the rest.

(Vine via @NOTSCWill)

When the Heat are being outflopped, it’s over.

Are you ready for LeBron’s newest show, “The Excuses”? Because it’s coming to a TV near you soon. And won’t stop until he has 17 All Stars on his team to help him.

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  1. raveur


    Where’s the flopping fine?

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