VINE: Peyton Manning talks smack, gets flagged for taunting

VINE-Peyton-Manning-talks-smack-gets flagged-for-taunting

Peyton Manning is the white grandpa of NFL QBs. Every time he’s on the field you get really worried he might slip and fall and break a hip or something. And then immediately when he’s done, you expect him to rush to 4:30 dinner and head straight to bed.

So the last thing you’d expect is to see him trash talking an opponent.

But hey, it’s the pre-season, and everybody’s testing new things. Other teams are evaluating players.

Peyton Manning is evaluating his smack talk. Remember: he’s a rap star now (Video:

(Vine via @gifdsports)

Manning: “Talk shit get hit son!”

Apparently Peyton’s mentality about Richard Sherman is: if you can’t beat him, become him.

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