VINE: Raiders celebrate a sack in the middle of Chiefs no huddle


A Thursday night contest between the Raiders and Chiefs seemed like a snoozefest. The Raiders hadn’t won in like a millennium and the Chiefs just beat the Super Bowl champs. Obvious result was obvious, right?

Well the Raiders took the lead late and they pulled Alex Smith down possibly sealing the game.

So naturally, when there are comets that appear more often than they make good plays, they started celebrating and performing some kind of crazy handshake. There was one problem though.

The Chiefs still had the ball and were about to snap it and catch them offsides.

(Vine via @CJZero)

Naturally, when trying to Raider away a win, they were also unsuccessful at that, thanks to Justin Tuck calling a timeout.

But hey, they’ve won a game. They can now go home until next November. At least.

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