VINE: Reds AAA pitcher hits three people with one pitch


Louisville — You might have heard of the saying “kill two birds with one stone.” You might have seen Randy Johnson strike down a bird with the realness.

(If you want to SEE Randy Johnson strike down a bird with the realness, go here:

But have you seen three people hit with one pitch?

Curtis Partch pulled off the unlikely (and painful) feat in a match-up between the Louisville Bats (AAA affiliate of the Reds) and the Charlotte Knights (AAA affiliate of the White Sox). Partch was unable to command the ball effectively (understatement of the week) and hit not only the batter, but also the umpire and his own catcher. That takes skill.

(Vine via @TheScore)

He should probably go buy a lottery ticket after that, because that takes crazy luck.

If he was in the NFL he’d get fined about 6 times for that pitch. He probably still will, you know Goodell can’t resist himself.

For more Reds craziness, check out a GIF of Billy Hamilton pulling some crazy tactics to avoid a tag:

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