VINE: Ref throws a flag farther than Tim Tebow can throw a football


The only NFL ref’s name the average fan knows is Ed Hochuli, mostly because of his Hulk Hogan style 24 inch python arms and his tendency to give President speech length explanations for penalties. Well that’s about to change.

During a preseason game between the Jaguars and Bears, an official decided to show that he, not Chad Henne or Blake Bortles, should be starting for the Jaguars.

A penalty while the Jaguars were on offense gave him his opportunity. And he unloaded the flag like he had a cannon on his shoulder.

And as you might expect, Jon Gruden was ready to put him in the Hall of Fame as QB right away:

(Vine via @recordsANDradio)

You know it’s officially football season when Jon Gruden is comparing everyone, water boys, refs, etc to the second coming of Jesus.

If you actually miss seeing Tim Tebow throw a football, check out this GIF of him hitting his favorite receiver, the grass, on a beautiful 8 yard out last preseason:

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