VINE: Reporter celebrates John Brooks’ goal by stripping on Live TV


America was VERY EXCITE about John Brooks’ header goal that turned out to be the game winner for the US over Ghana. People who didn’t even know what futbol was when the day began were getting white girl wasted to celebrate John Brooks going America all over Ghana’s ass (Charlie would be proud).

(Which is perfectly demonstrated by this vine of this Houston bar which literally started raining beer from all the celebrating when Brooks put the US up 2-1:

But there’s only one true American way to celebrate soccer success, which Brandi Chastain demonstrated years ago:


That’s right, stripping.

And this reporter from Portland did it on live TV.

(Vine via @SBNation)

Now then, have Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox or Olivia Wilde take the place of this reporter and the news would get billions of viewers.

Screw #EmbraceDebate to grab ratings. #EmbraceStripping is where it’s at.

For more funny vines from America’s game against Ghana be sure to check out Clint Dempsey’s goal set to Team America:

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