VINE: Sixers G Michael Carter-Williams poses…for an airball


It hasn’t been an easy start to 2014 for the Sixers, who currently have as many NBA wins as you and 4 of your friends do. Yes, it’s what they’re trying to do in Tankadelphia, but you have to TRY to suck this much.

You know you have an exciting teams when fans are doing this in the stands while you play:

Philadelphia 76er action: IT’S FANTASTIC!

You may remember last year when Lakers G Nick Young showed off his Swaggy P style on a 3 he bricked (GIF:

Well, in true 76er fashion, Michael Carter-Williams found a way to do the same thing and make it even worse. MCW launched a 3 and posed…

For a shot he ended up airballing.

(Vine via @RajPrashad)

The Sixers should release this as their 2014-15 highlight tape.

Keep on Tanking Philly. Only 70 or so more losses to go. Then you can lose the NBA Draft Lottery too. After all, it’s what you do.

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