VINE: Son of Famous “Bat Boy” Dances at Marlins Game


This video is actually from a Braves-Marlins game last September, which makes it all the more remarkable that has only now surfaced. Then again, we can only assume that the masterminds at Weekly World News – who broke the “Bat Boy” story in 1992 – were sitting on this revelation for their own benefit. Well, the loss is the world’s gain. We present to you, our loyal readers, the magical dance of Son of Bat Boy:

(Vine courtesy Rayven Tirado)

It appears that he may be Miley Cyrus’ half-brother, which means we should probably expect Bat Boy, Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus to appear on “The Jerry Springer Show” soon.

If the Miami Marlins do not take advantage of this by employing this kid to replace the horrific, seizure-inducing home run sculpture, then they are missing a golden opportunity. Honestly, following a home run, would you rather see this….


(GIF courtesy SB Nation)

….or this….

(Vine courtesy Rayven Tirado)

Seems rather obvious to us as well, so click here to tell the Marlins that Son of Bat Boy should replace the home run sculpture at Marlins Park.


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