VINE: Steelers’ Antonio Brown kicks Browns punter in face


Finally, the first full Sunday of football! No more teaser Thursday night blowouts. No more crappy offseason or preseason. Just pure football goodness.

Well, one of these games just got really interesting in a hurry. The Steelers, fresh off Reefer-gate, are taking on the Cleveland Manziels, er, Browns. While the Browns were forced to punt (this was to be expected), what Antonio Brown proceeded to do sure wasn’t.


Holy flying drop-kick, Batman! That punter had no chance of avoiding that. Now, we get that the Browns-Steelers may not exactly be a thrilling rivalry, but if Antonio Brown keeps dragon-kicking other Browns more often (Brown on Brown = Brownception?), this game would win the ratings battle every time. Now if only he had kicked Manziel…

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