VINE: Stone Cold Steve Austin chugs 2 beers at once on Gameday


Every college student drinks their beverage in different ways.  Some casually drink while others rage their face off.

Stone Cold Steve Austin today showed the students a new meaning of double fisting. Instead of stacking 2 beers, you literally smash the beers together and chug it. NOTGameDay gives the new technique the “Tiger Woods” rating on a scale of White Girl to Rob Gronkowski.

The technique used by Stone Cold Steve Austin goes along well when people rage their face off.  You can show off to your friends or even use it to pick up ladies who seem like 8’s or 9’s at the time but when you wake up the next morning to realize they are 2’s.

(Vine via @NOTSCWill)

Stone Cold Steve Austin advises to use this technique under extreme precaution, it is not for the average college drinker.

If you are a light weight, you might want to reconsider.  You will end up sleeping with a girl that will ruin your college drinking career.

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