VINE: Tigers’ Joe Nathan Directs Profane Gesture Towards Fans


The Kansas City Royals have stormed from 8 games back to take over first place in the AL Central. Few players have had a bigger role in KC’s resurgence than Tigers relief pitcher and Royals MVP candidate Joe Nathan. Against Pittsburgh this week, Nathan entered the game with the smallest lead manager Brad Ausmus trusts him with nowadays – 4 runs. He walked a couple of batters (because why wouldn’t he?) earning him some boos from the Comerica Park crowd. After finally putting down the Pirates, he put the fans in their place.

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(VINE courtesy Malinda M via Deadspin)

We had no idea Nathan was Italian, though we should have known considering his love of serving up spicy meatballs.

Nathan has since apologized to Tigers fans for hurting their feelings with such actions and has vowed to go back to hurting their feeling by more conventional means – blowing Tigers leads late in critical games.


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