VINE: Trent Dilfer: “You cannot lose games in the NFL and still win.”


When you hear the name “Trent Dilfer” what do you think? “QB no one wanted”, “Won more Super Bowls than Dan Marino¬†thanks to his defense” and “Has been cut more times than TD passes thrown” all sound right.

Which naturally at ESPN, makes him an “expert.”

After Week 5’s games, Trent Dilfer dropped a bomb of knowledge so crazy that you have to listen to it at least 3 times to fully understand it.

Or just pick up a copy of “Football for Dummies” and read page one.

(Vine via FP on Vine)

The Raiders and Jaguars are devastated at this news.

The genius of this comment is just next level for sure. You can see why he has his own QB Academy.

Dilfer himself weighted in on his analysis:

Neither did we, Trent. Neither did we.

Dilfer is a prime example of why ESPN means something completely different now (as explained by a Rice student here:

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