VINE: Trevor Ariza helps Wizards throw Game 4 away


The Wizards looked like they had it in control in Game 4. They opened up a big 19 point lead, and Pacers C Roy Garbage looked like his typical self. Then suddenly Roy Garbage became Roy “I’m sort of okay but still not an All Star” Hibbert and the Wizards started melting down like RGIII’s knee in the playoffs.

On a late possession, the Wizards had the ball and had a chance to chuck up another airball a 3 that could tie the game.

Trevor Ariza had other ideas.

(Vine via @gifdsports)

Jussssssssttttttttttttttttttt a bit outside.

Looks like Ariza’s been watching too much Andray Blatche tape, looked a lot like his pass against the Raptors (Vine:

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