VINE: Ump Caresses Tigers OF Torii Hunter’s Face


In a sport that occasionally leads to tensions running high, it is nice to see a tender moment between two men. No, we are not talking about Michael Sam’s draft day celebration. This is about a personal interaction between Detroit Tigers right fielder Torii Hunter and umpire Paul Nauert.

Orioles pitcher Bud Norris hit Hunter with a pitch following a home run by Ian Kinsler. Hunter took exception because apparently every time a pitcher hits a batter following a home run, it’s intentional (even if it is only a three-run game and the pitcher jumped out to an 0-1 count on the batter). They exchanged words, the benches emptied and then the magic happened.

(Vine courtesy lydia virzi)

I think Billy Joel said it best….

I know the moment isn’t right
To hold my emotions inside
To change the attitude tonight
I’ve run out of places to hide
And if that’s how I feel
Then it’s the best feeling I’ve even known
It’s undeniably real, oh
Leave a tender moment alone

We employed NOTSportsCenter’s official lip readers to provide the dialogue between the two men.

Nauert: “Torii, how do you keep your skin so smooth?”

Hunter: “Aloe vera, man.”

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Maybe Nauert will be there to catch Hunter i the next time Torii the Tiger tumbles over an outfield wall.


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