VINE: Vladimir Guerrero hits 50 cent’s wild first pitch


You may remember former major league OF Vladimir Guerrero from back in the days when the Washington Nationals were living in Canada and operating as a farm club for the entire major leagues. Or when he won an MVP award with the “we don’t consider ourselves part of Los Angeles yet even though we never are and never will be” Angels.

You also may remember his ability to hit just about anything. You also probably remember 50 cent’s god awful first pitch (especially when you compare it to one from a blind kid, which you can see here in our Top 10 funniest vines from the month of May:

50 nearly hit first base with his first pitch, there’s no way Vlad could hit that…right?


(Vine via @MLBFanCave)

So much for that “if you don’t pitch it anywhere near the plate you can’t get lit up” strategy the Mets were considering.

Back to the drawing board. Perhaps the 973rd time will be the charm.

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