VINE: Watch as a Heat fan converts to a Cavs fan in 6 seconds


Have you heard LeBron went back to the Cavs yet? If you haven’t, you must be blind and deaf. In which case the fact that you made it to this page is quite impressive. But it’s the only thing anyone is talking about, mostly because here in the U.S. we’re all sick of pretending we actually care about soccer.

When the news originally broke, there was one obvious piece of follow up news:

No need for a delayed decision there.

Many headed straight to the bandwagon application office to apply for a new team:


That long sleeve shirt the guy on the left is wearing is quite stylish.

But others were more prepared.

Watch at this Heat fan sees the news, then becomes a Cavs fan in all of 6 seconds:

(Vine via Matt Krath)

In 6 seconds he changed teams. That’s 5 seconds longer than he spent actually cheering for the Heat.

For more LeBron to the Cavs fun be sure to check our #NOTSCTop10 funniest of the LeBron back to Cleveland memes:

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