VINE: Wes Welker’s new music video


People in the NFL can’t stop getting arrested or suspended, possibly because Roger Goodell doesn’t want to stop fining people. He is still trying to raise funds for the Roger Goodell International Airport, as we learned last year when Ed Reed was fined $250,000 just for getting released (more on that here:

The two most recent suspensions were Jim Irsay and Wes Welker, who have made some plans for that time:

So much for “learning a lesson.”

Well in Welker’s time off he’s already released a new music video, produced by the folks at

Just call him Trinidad Welker, or maybe Wes James, BITCH:

(Vine via @StoolMilmore)

WOO! (Catchy, isn’t it?)

Welker blames the NFL for having a “flawed drug policy,” which is essentially like blaming McDonalds for making you fat.

Or doing like Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick did and blaming Coca Cola:

That’s not what they meant Orlando. (or maybe it is, they do like to get freaky in Atlanta)

Unable to beat the Seahawks, it seems the Broncos are just going to become them instead.

Welker’s got the drugs part down and Peyton’s got the Sherman trash talk down (Vine:, John Fox just needs to do tons and tons of coke to be like Pete Carroll and they’ll be in business.

Isn’t it nice to have football back? #ThankYouBasedFootballGod


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