VINE: WNBA All Star Game alley oop attempt ends with an airball


When you hear sweet fundamentals, airballs, and exciting layups, what is the first thing that comes to mind? That’s right, the WNBA. The sport that even the gender it’s made for refuses to watch held it’s All Star game on Saturday July 19, and like the NBA usually does, they got a little risky to show off for the fans that were bored enough to actually watch.

And it paid off too, with record ratings:

Very impressive.

Late in the game, they decided to get real cray cray and try an alley oop. And it ended the way you’d expect a WNBA alley oop attempt to end. Not with paramedics, but that’s a good guess.

It ended with an airball.

(Vine via @Steve_OS)

Give them some credit, it’s not every day you see someone try to slap a basketball through a hoop. Very innovative.

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