VINE: World Cup ref gets snubbed on a handshake


Refs are the bane of everyone’s existence. No matter what, they’re always out to screw you. At least that’s what you’ll hear fans of the losing teams (or anyone who ever plays the Heat) saying.

They take crap constantly, especially with twitter, HD, and the 982942847 camera angles now, where millions yell about every single mistake they make. Imagine if millions of people tweeted every time you dropped one of the hamburger patties on the ground at McDonalds? Wouldn’t that be fun?

Before a match, a World Cup ref got snubbed on a handshake, at least momentarily.

He had a very funny way to save face:

(Vine via @RyanFagan)

Smooth. Would love to see how handles all the crap he probably takes from fans.

For more fun with refs check out Joey Crawford (who else) playing clutch D on Kevin Durant: and Steph Curry:

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