VINE: Yasiel Puig Breaks Bat On Check Swing


Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig is well known for his bat flips after home runs….and triples….and fly outs. Naturally, the fun-loving youngster will continue to find new and revolutionary ways to work his art into the grand old game, but who could have possibly expected this: a bat flip on a check swing.

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(VINE courtesy Nicholas Schwartz via USA Today)

He is so good that he even amazed himself. What could possibly be next for Puig? Flipping his bat after a strikeout? Following a catcher’s interference?

Sources say that Major League Baseball is considering adding a bat flipping competition at the All Star Game next season to give Puig a showcase for his skills rather than risk him choking at another home run derby. After all, his bat-flipping never slumps.


GIFs: Yasiel Puig Has Fun With Teammates Uribe, Gonzalez

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