VINE: Zach LaVine mouths “f-ck me” after being drafted


Joel Embiid got drafted by the Sixers and hated his life. But he didn’t actually say anything like that, he just sat there with a blank upset look like his dog just died (Vine:

He at least tried to save face afterwards, claiming he got caught in an unusual moment or tape delay or some semi-validish excuse.

UCLA’s Zach LaVine took #FML to a whole new life after being drafted by Minnesota.

He actually said it.

(Vine via @AnthonyVSlater)

Kevin Love: “Tell me about it bro, i’ve been dealing with this shi- for years.”

Curious to see what his explanation will be. Brain was hacked? Really said “fork me” because he wanted a fork to have dinner with? He’ll make up something good.

Have fun with this one, Minnesota.

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