“Welcome Home LeBron” banner unveiled at Quicken Loans Arena


It’s happened. The decision is in and the madness is over and we can finally get back to counting down the days till football season starts (you know you’re doing it too baseball fans, don’t kid yourselves).

That’s right. Heat fans have found their new home:

Finally. Turns out you can go back to cheering for an old team aga…oh the Cavs didn’t win any titles the first time with LeBron did they. Never mind.

But here’s a NOTSC exclusive shot of Heat fans applying to their new team:


Not as many as you’d think. Many probably don’t even know yet, and won’t until they show up for next year’s playoffs and the Heat aren’t even playing.

Meanwhile in Cleveland, the Cavs are excited to welcome home their king. What about those burned LeBron jerseys you ask?

Well they have a solution for that:

All they had to do was hit rewind on that remote from that Adam Sandler movie. Simple enough.

Finally, the Cavs unveiled a new banner at Quicken Loans Arena to show LeBron how much they love him.

It’s been adjusted well…a few times:


Really really really really REALLY conditional love. Isn’t that so sweet?

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