What all 30 NBA teams are giving up for Lent 2014


The 2014 edition of the 40 day fasting period known as Lent is upon us (in sports terms it’s like the Christian Olympics essentially), beginning on Ash Wednesday March 5, 2014, and ending on Thursday April 17th. For 40 days,  many people across the country will be giving up everything that people actually enjoy in life: alcohol, cigarettes, sex, phones, social media, etc as part of the annual religious tradition of sacrificing fun. Many religions aren’t the biggest fans of that “fun” thing.

But we got to wondering: what would sports teams be giving up for Lent? So here’s what teams from across the NBA will be giving up for the 2014 edition of lent. Check ‘em out (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom). They’re broken down by a division per page. What is your favorite team giving up? Hope? Fans? Defense? Dreams of LeBron? Much like the real Lent, there’s plenty of possibilities.

We’ll start with some special ones, then move on to the teams.

What are we giving up for Lent in the NBA this year?

-ESPN: Slobbering all over LeBron. That’s right, for 40 days ESPN has decided they will stop slobb…crap, they already violated it. Never mind.

-TNT: Actual English words. Most of the coverage on TNT consists of laughing at Charles Barkley and his problems, so for Lent this year TNT has decided to give up actual English words and will focus on just laughing. Inside the NBA will be 60 straight minutes of Shaq, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley not actually saying anything, just laughing the entire time. Shouldn’t be much of a change. Barkley may have some food in his mouth, so it could get a little messy.

-Adam Silver: Drugs. For lent this year, new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has decided to give up taking Drugs. He doesn’t actually take any to begin with, but he wants to emphasize how bad they are. Mmmkay?


Adam Silver speaks out against Drugs

-Joey Crawford: The idea of getting the credit he deserves for LeBron’s success. Now that LeBron has scored 61 points against the mighty Bobcats, he’s getting credit for everything. For example, Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game? That was LeBron. Whatever happens with Ukraine and Russia? Yup, that too was LeBron. Kevin Durant somehow wins the MVP? You guessed it, LeBron. Since LeBron is getting credit for everything, Joey Crawford has decided to give up the idea of getting the credit he deserves for LeBron’s success. Whatever Joey Crawford did for LeBron was LeBron’s doing anyway.

-Seattle: Hope of ever getting another NBA team. It’s been a long hard fight, but when you lost to Sacramento, in anything, it’s time to call it quits. At least for 40 days. Then they can go back to fighting the next losing battle.

Now we’ll move on to what teams in the NBA are giving up, starting with the Atlantic division. One of them is giving up hope (no, not all of them, but you could certainly argue that they should.).

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