What MLB All Stars would look like as Kenny Powers


Kenny Powers is a real American hero: a gigantic redneck drunk that  plays baseball, screws up just about everything, and doesn’t give a fuuuuuudge what you or anyone else think about it. He’s who you think of when you think of America.

The people at wondered, what if you crossed Kenny Powers with some current MLB All Stars, what kind of chaos would that produce? And as we know,  we all love chaos. Especially redneck chaos. That should be TruTV’s slogan.

So they’ve crossed Kenny Powers with some current MLB greats and created something hilarious and insane all at the same time (just like Kenny himself.)

Check ‘em all out (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom).

There’s everyone from Bryce Harper to David Wright to David Ortiz to even a special guest at the very end.

If this was a #NOTSCTop10 (it’s not because it’s too hard to rank and there’s more than 10), he’d without a doubt be number 1. If you somehow can’t figure out who is pictured, their name is at the top.

Just to be clear: all of the pictures are done by, the captions are ours. Enjoy!


Nationals OF Bryce Harper


That’s a clown mullet, bro.

The scariest part is how natural this looks. And you thought he couldn’t be any more of a douche.

“Business in the front” doesn’t really work for Bryce though. If it was possible to grow a front mullet, he would.

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