Which X-Men Character Is Your MLB Team?


X-Men Days of Future Past is now in theaters, and with baseball being the only sport with every team playing until football returns, we thought we’d take a shot at identifying which X-men character each MLB team is.

All 30 teams are here, from the World Champion Beard Sox to the “Maybe next Big Bang” Cubs. Everyone gets compared/ripped on, nobody is safe (much like the Houston Astros running the bases). They’re broken down by a division per page.

Check them all out by clicking the page numbers below.

Who is lucky enough to be Wolverine? It might not be who you think.  And no, the Yankees haven’t traded for him. At least not yet.




Blue Jays – Rogue


We made this comparison in our season preview, which prompted this article. The Jays have shown the ability to absorb the power of those not whom they touch, but whom they trade with. They were most recently considered World Series contenders until a blockbuster trade with Miami resulted in them playing more like the Marlins.

Orioles – Pyro


A team that has the ability to manipulate fire, most often used by their bullpen to blow up save situations.

Rays – Sunspot


At first glance, they are merely a small market team that is in over their heads, but the power of the sun in Tampa makes them strong enough to take on anyone.

Red Sox – Beast


Once they transformed into fuzzy monsters, they became unstoppable.

Yankees – Charles “Professor X” Xavier


They seemingly have all the resources in the world, their home is a mansion and they have a way of manipulating the minds of weaker (read: small market) General Managers to get the players they want.


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