Wichita State fan admits he was a Florida Gulf Coast fan last week, Kentucky the week before that


GO SHOCKERS! A phrase you may not have heard before, but one you’ll hear quite a bit over the next week. Some are just learning how to say it. Meet Joey Smith, new Wichita State Shocker fan. Some spend 10-20 years cheering for their team before they make a Final Four, Joey spent a whopping 0 hours. That’s a very hard well earned Final Four appearance for this fan.

When asked about his new team, Joey said “Man I love Wichita State now, I grew up in Minnesota so I’m really familiar with Wichita.” Obviously they don’t teach geography in Bandwagoning 101. Joey goes on, “Wichita State’s really fun to watch, I love using the #DunkCity hashtag in my tweets.” When informed of how he was wrong and which school actually had the tag, finally Joey came clean.

“Alright…I admit it. I was a Florida Golf Coast fan until they lost on Friday. Once they lost, I needed a new team.” Most hadn’t heard of FGCU, and most actually knew it was Florida GULF Coast, so I pressed him further. “FINE. I was a Kentucky fan the week before that. They didn’t make the tournament, so I had to find a new team and everyone was having fun with FGCU. I didn’t want to miss out on that.”

So Joey was a Kentucky fan, and then a Florida Gulf Coast fan, and then a Wichita State fan. In the span of two weeks. You can probably guess what his pro teams are. “I LOVE the Heat, the Tigers, and the Ravens. I’ve loved them forever now, a good solid 3 months.” Yes, you guessed it, he was a Laker fan before he was a Heat fan. It’s been a busy year for Joey.

How does Joey afford all this merchandise for all these different teams? Well, he’s got a strategy. “I just tell them I got the wrong team as a gift and take my gear back. They’re usually okay with it. Eventually I have to change stores because when they see me 15 times in 3 months they start to catch on.” You have to admit, that’s pretty good.

I asked him why he does this so much. “I just hate losing, it’s not fun. This way I get to cheer for teams like the Stokers in title games.” I corrected him yet again. “Oh. SHOCKERS. Right. Sorry. I’ve got a week to learn it, I’ll figure it out.” He has to learn a whole new roster and school and tradition in a week so he can pretend like he’s cared forever.

He’s still not aware that Wichita State actually has to win a game before playing for the title. He may have to spend Sunday night cramming knowledge about his new team before the title game. Also, he could feasibly end up cheering for 5 different teams in the past month if Wichita State loses to Louisville, and Louisville loses in the title game. That’s rough. It’s hard out there for a bandwagoner.

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