NFL Week 10 #boldpredictions


Each week we like to do our take on NFL Network’s #boldpredictions. Here are NOTSC’s predictions for Week 10 (and if you missed, the one before TNF):

And how many TDs did the Vikings score? 4. Not to say we told you so, but we told you so. You should obviously be betting on these.

Seahawks at Falcons: In true Seattle fashion, the Seahawks will take the lead with .0000001 seconds left after losing all game. But then in true Georgia Dome fashion, Atlanta will somehow kick a game winning field goal with .00000000000000000000001 seconds left.

Lions at Bears: The Lions will throw to Megatron on every single play, even when they hand the ball off to Reggie Bush

Eagles at Packers: At halftime, the Packers will go back to the locker room and find Brett Favre in uniform who says “I got this, let’s go boys.” Then when it’s time for the 2nd half kickoff he’ll say “eh you know what? Never mind. I’m retired.” and leave. He’ll then be thrown out by security when he changes his mind a 2nd time.

Rams at Colts: After winning the Marshall Faulk bowl, the Colts will ask Marshall Faulk if he would please come play RB for them so they can stop watching Trent Richardson run for negative yards per carry

Raiders at Giants: Following in Nick Foles’ footsteps, Eli Manning will also set a record against the Raiders by throwing 7 interceptions

Bills at Steelers: Big Ben will take himself out of the game so that he can focus on his true interest: figuring out which Buffalo cheerleader to take home

Panthers at 49ers: After losing, Cam Newton will cry so much that his tears flood the stadium

Texans at Cardinals: After picking off Carson Palmer and returning it for a TD, the Texans will sue Carson Palmer for copyright infringement of their Pick 6

Broncos at Chargers: With it being such a huge game for the Chargers, Manti Te’o’s girlfriend will come back from the dead to see her boy play

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