NFL Week 13 #boldpredictions


Each week we like to do our take on NFL Network’s #boldpredictions. After taking 2 weeks off, here are NOTSC’s predictions for Week 13 (and if you missed, the ones from Thanksgiving):

Bucs at Panthers: Steve Smith will celebrate a win by dumping a cooler filled with ice over Greg Schiano’s head and tell him to “Ice up, son!”

Jaguars at Browns: Both teams will be credited with a loss from this game, because in this game, no one wins

Titans at Colts: Behind their new starting RB Donald Brown, the Colts will do much, much better in the first half, and only trail by 20 at halftime

Dolphins at Jets: After Geno Smith struggles early, Rex Ryan will turn to Mark Sanchez in the 2nd half and ask him to go pick up as many McDonalds cheeseburgers as he can find

Cardinals at Eagles: Michael Vick will blossom in his new role as backup QB/janitor and put up huge numbers, going 30 straight minutes without fumbling the clipboard, get 20 bags of trash filled, and 10 toilets unclogged

Falcons at Bills: After the game ends in Toronto, Tony Gonzalez will escape into Canada, never to be seen again

Rams at 49ers: Aldon Smith will finish having drank more handles of Jack than sacks he records on Clemens. And he’ll get 3 sacks. #49erWasted

Broncos at Chiefs: Kansas City will finally manage to take Peyton Manning down in the pocket when one Chief takes his helmet off and throws it at him and Manning trips trying to get out of the way

Bengals at Chargers: Philip Rivers will make a crazy face after an interception and it will get stuck that way. (Should’ve listened to Mom, Phil)

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