NFL Week 14 #boldpredictions


Each week we like to do our take on NFL Network’s #boldpredictions. Here are NOTSC’s predictions for Week 14 (and if you missed, the one before TNF):

Colts at Bengals: Trent Richardson will have his biggest rushing game of the season, thanks to sitting on the bench all game

Browns at Patriots: Jason Campbell will be benched in favor of Josh Gordon, who will be asked to throw passes to himself

Lions at Eagles: Nick Foles will throw 2 interceptions and officials will overturn both, and explain that it’s an NFL rule that Nick Foles is not allowed to throw an interception, ever

Dolphins at Steelers: Mike Tomlin won’t stand near the sidelines on kickoffs, instead he’ll run out on the field and tackle a Dolphin about to score and then claim he tripped and fell all the way into the middle of the field

Bills at Bucs: After a 4th win, Greg Schiano will be informed he won’t be fired for losing, instead he’ll be fired for ruining their chances at Teddy Bridgewater

Chiefs at Redskins: After completing their sweep of the NFC East, the Chiefs will be named NFC East Champions and will play in the NFC playoffs so that none of the other teams have to

Titans at Broncos: Knowshon Moreno will be so happy about winning that he starts crying and ends up flooding Invesco Field

Rams at Cardinals: The announcers covering this game will ask and debate whether Zac Stacy’s mom has got it going on

Giants at Chargers: Eli Manning will do the opposite of what he did on draft day and demand a trade TO the Chargers, and then pout when he learns the trade deadline passed a long damn time ago

Seahawks at 49ers: Richard Sherman will celebrate an interceptions by putting a bib around Jim Harbaugh’s neck and a binky in his mouth

Panthers at Saints: The Saints will drop a bomb on the Panthers and be so excited that they come out and pee their pants against the Rams (okay, okay we may have written this after Week 15. Maybe.)

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