NFL Week 6 #boldpredictions


Each week we like to do our take on NFL Network’s #boldpredictions. Here are NOTSC’s predictions for Week 6 (and if you missed, the one before TNF):

Bengals at Bills: Pacman Jones will finish the game with more arrests than interceptions

Lions at Browns: After winning their 4th game in a row, Browns coach Rob Chudzinski will be fired for “leading the team in the wrong direction”

Rams at Texans: At halftime, Webster’s dictionary will announce the addition of “Schaub” to the dictionary, which means “pick six.” Then in the 2nd half, he’ll throw yet another one to pay tribute.

Raiders at Chiefs: Andy Reid will forget to show up and spend the game at an all you can eat BBQ restaurant. Chiefs still win anyway.

Panthers at Vikings: An emotionally motivated Adrian Peterson will finish with 1,000 yards. In the first quarter.

Steelers at Jets: Mark Sanchez will finish with a career high 80% completion percentage when he successfully delivers 4 cups of water on 5 attempts

Eagles at Bucs: Michael Vick will injure himself just standing on the sideline. Without being touched.

Titans at Seahawks: Tennessee will be forced to turn to Rusty Smith after the Seahawk Defense “accidentally” eats Ryan Fitzpatrick

Saints at Patriots: Rob Gronkowski will stun everyone and take the field with his new body, which is 98.9% metal #robogronk

Cardinals at 49ers: Showing off for his old team, Anquan Boldin will throw a TD pass. To himself.

Redskins at Cowboys: Tony Romo will one up his performance from last week and break the passing yards record. Then lose the game on a late INT. Again. #romoed

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